What should I bring?

Items you may want to bring with you include your passport, snacks, water bottle, bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, bug spray, sun screen, a journal, reading material, layered clothing, light jacket, travel pillow, yoga mat. We recommend packing light for ease of travel!

What can I expect from a psilocybin experience?

The psilocybin experience varies greatly from one person to the next, from one session to the next. Many participants report feelings of unity or higher consciousness. You may feel as if you are in contact with living or deceased loved ones. Reports of feeling in touch with alien "beings" are common. You may feel a wide range of emotions from bliss, grief, anxiety, paranoia, and more. You may feel mild bodily discomfort or nausea which typically resolves shortly into the session. Visual and auditory hallucinations are common. Feelings of synesthesia, tearfulness, laughter, and sexual arousal are common. Mild bodily "purging" is common (laughing, shaking, crying, trembling, tachypnea). Each psilocybin session lasts approximately 6 hours. Your nurses and caretakers will ensure you stay safe throughout your experience.

What can I expect from a cannabis experience?

Cannabis experiences can vary greatly due to factors including medicine composition and route of administration. Eligible Hope Network courses offer a hands-on cannabis education class led by professional medical cannabis nurses. The optional prepared cannabis is offered to all participants before a group meditation, sound healing, and yoga session. Edible cannabis promotes a deeply relaxed state of mind and body throughout the group event.  

How do I secure a spot?

Please contact us at info@hopenetworkhealth.com to request your participant application.

Do you offer cancellations? Transfers? Refunds?

When is my total payment due?

Your total payment is due 1 month before your scheduled course.


Why would I be denied? 

Reasons your participant application may be denied include a history of violence, aggression, psychosis, or moderate to severe disabilities which require assistance. Actively suicidal or homicidal individuals will be denied participation until resolved via emergency medical services with acute inpatient stabilization. Participants in need of detox services will be denied participation until medically stabilized and safely sober. Due to environmental and transportation limitations, we are not able to accommodate the level of care and services we recommend for the aforementioned populations at this time.