Our Mission

Hope Network's mission is to provide holistic medicine sessions in a relaxing, supportive, safe, legal, and educational setting. We are committed to providing an authentic journey that brings healing. Our team is carefully selected and includes licensed medical support, experienced mental health professionals, mushroom experts, and welcoming locals to ensure your comfort. The safety of our clients is our top priority. We are committed to providing transformative legal psilocybin sessions.

Every individual who comes to Hope Network will work one-on-one with our team members throughout your journey and receive ongoing support after the experience. We will provide all the essentials to make your stay comfortable, enjoyable, and therapeutic.

Our environment is extremely important: it’s where we rest, eat meals, and interact with others before and after the experience—it will be warm, inviting, peaceful, and relaxing! We believe in taking care of every detail - from what we offer for food on-site to how many pillows are available. From start to finish, Hope Network focuses on providing an authentic psilocybin experience that brings healing through careful planning so you can focus on yourself.

Let’s work together to create a healthy and supportive community that brings hope through safe and legal psilocybin experiences!

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