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Hope Network provides holistic medicine sessions in a relaxing, supportive educational setting. Your carefully selected team includes licensed medical support, experienced mental health professionals, and welcoming locals to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Founder, Lead Facilitator (www.psynurse.com)

Taylor is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, nurse educator, holistic health coach, Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, martial artist, and president of the International Association of Psychedelic Nursing. Taylor first became interested in holistic medicine after she resolved her treatment resistant depression with the mindful application of psilocybin. Taylor has experience with a wide range of traditional medicines including psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca tea, cannabis flowers, kambo, and psychoactive cacti in clinical, traditional ceremonial, and research settings. Taylor is excited for you to experience what many people claim "Earth's best medicines.

Founder, Lead Facilitator (www.mushroomag.com)

"Hope Network is a place people can grow spiritually and explore concepts previously thought untenable."

Allen is a mushroom educator, laboratory operator, and owner of Fungi Farm. He studied crop, soil, and environmental science at Auburn University.

Allen developed an interest in psychedelic fungi after an experience that forever changed his life. Upon attending the Psychedelic Science 2013 conference in Oakland, California, Allen began to see a need for a professional network devoted to providing holistic psychedelic medicine sessions in a safe, legal, and relaxing setting for participants looking for spiritual growth. It was not until he met his partner Nurse Taylor Hayes that this vision became a reality.

Allen is constantly working to develop mushroom agriculture across North America. He focuses on sustainable practices that allow individuals and communities to grow their food. Allen is dedicated to mushroom research and works to provide high-quality products and services. Allen hosts seminars, workshops, certification classes, forays, and agricultural consulting for growers throughout Earth.

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Frank is a registered nurse and U.S. Air Force veteran with a background in neuroscience. He has a passion for plant medicines and is CEO of Compassionate Care Concierge. He and his team of trained cannabis educators have supported over 8,000 patients across northern Florida. Frank is currently serving as Director of Ketamine Psychotherapy with the Crane Center and Program Director of Compassionate Care Institute, where he provides a tranquil environment for healing with psychedelic therapies.  

Frank Soska, RN