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Hope Network Health was founded in 2020 to provide you safe legal access to natural psychedelic medicine under the care of licensed medical professionals in a relaxing setting. We have experienced staff members including two psychiatric registered nurses and a licensed nurse herbalist to ensure your utmost comfort and safety.

Founder, (www.psynurse.com)

Taylor is a psychiatric registered nurse, health coach, reiki practitioner, and psychiatric nurse practitioner/nurse educator graduate student. She is the founder and current president of the non-profit organization International Association of Psychedelic Nursing, member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, and American Holistic Nurses Association. She first became interested in psychedelic/plant medicines when she cured her treatment resistant depression with the mindful application of Psilocybin. She has experience working with a variety of psychedelic/plant medicines including Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Cannabis, and Huachuma in legal clinical and traditional ceremonial settings. She is excited for you to experience what many people claim one of "Earth's best medicines." Taylor also leads kundalini/yin yoga and beginner Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. 


Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Frank Soska, RN

Nursing Facilitator

Frank is a registered nurse and US Air Force veteran with a background in neuroscience. He is a founding member and currently serves as the Vice President of the International Association of Psychedelic Nursing. He has a passion for plant medicines and is CEO of Compassionate Care Concierge. He and his team of trained cannabis educators have supported over 8,000 patients across northern Florida. Frank is currently serving as Director of Ketamine Psychotherapy with the Crane Center and Program Director of Compassionate Care Institute, where he provides a tranquil environment for healing with alternative psychedelic therapies including ketamine and cannabis.

Herbalist, Nursing Facilitator, Photographer (www.eyrthkind.com)

Alexandra is a licensed nurse specializing in addiction recovery, a practicing mental health support herbalist, and a professional photographer. Her B.A. in Medical Anthropology provides a background in trans-cultural care. Alexandra is a member of the International Association of Psychedelic Nursing. She found immense relief from her PTSD symptoms with psychedelic medicines, and her knowledge of herbal medicine supports the constructive integration of psychedelic experiences within both her and her clients' lives. She has experience facilitating therapeutic psilocybin sessions and finds purpose in advocating for the mindful, traditional application of plant medicines. She is happy to help support your health and well-being any way she can.

Founder, (www.fungifarmllc.com)

Allen is a professional mushroom cultivator, educator, and founder of Fungi Farm. Allen has a background in Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences and agricultural research from Auburn University. He currently serves as a board member for the Alabama Mushroom Society. Allen has a passion for the cultivation of many species of fungi and works with the kingdom of fungi in creative ways to remediate soil and ecology health. He is happy to assist you in your psilocybin experience.

Lion's Mane

Fungi Farm