Our Team

Hope Network was founded in 2021 to provide improved safe access to holistic medicine options under the care of experienced medical professionals in a relaxing, supportive educational setting. Our team includes professional medical support, nurses, cultivators, and welcoming locals to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Founder, Lead Facilitator (www.psynurse.com)

Taylor is a registered nurse, holistic health coach, Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, and martial artist. She is the current president of the International Association of Psychedelic Nursing. Taylor first became interested in holistic medicine after she resolved her treatment resistant depression with the mindful application of psilocybin. She has experience with psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, cannabis, and psychoactive cacti in clinical, traditional ceremonial, and research settings. Taylor is excited for you to experience what many people claim one of "Earth's best medicines.